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The next  5 occupants of the Sleepers consisted of 2 children, a girl 6 and a boy of 18, the parents, Anthony Contelli, his wife Lucia, and the paternal grandmother. The family had been regarded by the community as god fearing, religious but not prone to superstition or suffering any form of mental or physical disorder. A mere 5 months after their taking occupancy of this house, four of the Contelli's were found dead and all without wounds or signs of  struggle, strangulation, suffocation or poison. The cause of their deaths remains a mystery to this day. There was one old codger I questioned who told me the son had survived, remained in the house but never spoke another word. It seems apart from the logging that supported him he was rumoured to spend the next 70 years of his life filling notebooks with pictures of macabre little creatures. A few days ago I discovered a hidden room quite by accident. It was another library of sorts but filled only with sketch books. My first impression was that they were crudely drawn pictures of trees on the property and rooms in this house. On closer inspection I saw what had been cleverly hidden in them. Grotesque little figures and faces crawling over the pages, peering out at you from within the wood. The initials BC ( Bertram Contelli) were on the covers. Another piece of the puzzle but only a hint at what might explain the reoccurring tragedies on this property.
You already know what happened to the last tenants, Phillip and Amelia Johns so I will compare the details of my research with your knowledge of the tragedy at a later date.












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