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A few days after his arrival in Vermont I received the first letter from him. The following summarization is from memory but a reasonably accurate account.

Apparently his journey was abysmal. His description of the experience was punctuated with dark, dramatic adjectives such as tortuous and insufferable; referring to the roads as cow paths set in the unkempt gardens of Vlad Dracul.
“At least’ he wrote, ‘you will be pleased to know this adventure has inspired a setting for the next book, a real book this time and a title, the sleepers." I considered the letter to be an
exaggeration of his hardships as he seemed to be in good spirits even joking that he knew I must have searched long and hard to find a real haunted house to serve as his muse. Frankly, I hadn’t expected this encouraging turn of events so soon but seized the opportunity and wrote asking for a synopsis of the story and what he meant when he wrote about the house being haunted. Whatever the case might have been, it seemed to me that if York believed he was playing host to uninvited guests then all the better for Shadow Publishing.


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