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Shadow Publishing
Evan Roth
Telegram Square
New York, NY

February 3,1943

A.J. Ayers
2944 7th Ave.
New York,NY


Mr. Ayers,

Your publisher, Mr. Weiss, a very old and trusted friend, told me you were going to write. I understand you are researching the circumstances surrounding the death of Perceival York for your next book. In answer to your first question, yes, I still have all the letters he wrote me after his move to Vermont as well as his last (as yet) unpublished manuscript.
Your next question: What was the cause of his death?
A: The inquest returned an official verdict of heart failure which was in my opinion a convenient though inaccurate truth. I discovered his body. He died of fright.
As to the rumors of his alleged insanity I can only share what I know of his experience the year before he died. What I now believe to be true based on the night I spent in that house. You must draw your own conclusions. I trust you are aware that my solicitors will review the contractual agreement before I allow full access to York's manuscript, research notes and letters? However, as a gesture of good faith I am sending edited copies of the first letters I received from York. If you also interested in information concerning the early years of his career you need only ask. Remember, Ayers, I am not a fan of sensationalism and I retain the right to edit and revise your finished work as I see fit.
Evan Roth



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