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I had expected something more imaginative from an author of his caliber but it did present an opportunity for me to advocate he leave the city. I made the suggestion that a change of scenery would revive his listless pen. Knowing York as well as I did I knew he had hopes that the lady in question would in his absence realize she couldn’t live without him. Call it manipulation if you will but I did not discourage this pipe dream. He was an incorrigible romantic and though I pitied him, this move out the city was not meant to indulge a weakness that could end his career. It was a solution that would eliminate distraction, present and future. My cause was furthered by focusing  our conversation on the need for solitude and secrecy concerning his whereabouts. York trusted me completely. I suppose he thought of me as a friend but the truth is I thought of Percy of as an investment. His little dalliance with Madame X had preyed heavily on my wallet and it was imperative I find him an affordable refuge within the month. My doorman, of all people, approached me that very same evening and out of the blue asked if I might be interested in a property his brother-in-law was handling; Would you call it destiny, Mr. Ayers, or an coincidence? I contacted the offices of Dunn and Burton the next morning. The property being offered turned out to be the rural estate of a Mr. Phillip Johns. I recognized the name immediately as it had occupied the front
page of every newspaper several years prior. "Phillips Johns, real estate tycoon found dead. His wife Amelia committed into care at Meadows End Asylum." The strange circumstances of John’s death and his wife's insanity were not discussed at our meeting though the extreme isolation of its locale had been emphasized to me. It might have discouraged other potential buyers but frankly I did not regard the seclusion and dark history of the property as a factor that might adversely influence my decision to have Shadow Publishing purchase the property in
York's behalf. Quite the contrary it had all that he needed and at a price I felt was an affordable risk.
The only drawback in my opinion was the term rural  would imply to Percy a cottage with tree’s bordering well kept gardens. I knew he would expect there would be a quaint little town within walking distance of shops, sidewalk café’s, bookstores and interesting people with whom he could discuss interesting thoughts. Nevertheless, it was out of his hands and I felt confident that once he started writing again he'd appreciate I had acted in his best interest.. The matter was settled and he left within the week.

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